The Japanese have a word for what gets you out of bed in the morning: They call it Ikagai and that means you are doing: What you love, are good at, the world needs and you can be paid for. “Buckload” is my Ikigai…  Let me explain why….

John Nash, storied Mathematician and subject of the Novel and Movie “A Beautiful Mind” made a significant contribution to Buckload. In both the book and movie you will find the following quotation attributed to Dr. Nash: “I don’t believe in luck. I do believe in assigning VALUE to things.” Buckload is a process that assigns a value to things.

Buckload is a scale-able methodology for the developing a strategy that enables the design, implementation and evaluation of cross-functional decisions. These decisions are meant to enable an organization to achieve both its short and long-term objectives by developing new and added value to their enterprise. Information that is needed to illustrate the ROI and/or value of a new business process.

Buck’s law – “Success follows Value”

Buckload’s secret sauce for creating added value is called RRI. RRI is Stratification Methodology that uses proven “Common Denominators” to track and calibrate the volume and value of specific Tasks and their contribution to accomplishing specific Goals. If you are interested I will email you an example of a completed AS-IS Buckload Questionnaire example that illustrates the above concept.

Buckload’s special sauce is how we assign a Value to Things that are hard to count and harder to assess value. This is the first step for gathering the information needed to manage the thru-put productivity of any task.

Dr. Einstein’s famously stated, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” If you would like to start a conversation re: a different approach to leading others to be more successful, give me a call.