Selling or Telling


In the last 12 months I’ve read over a 120 Data Management (DM,) White Papers providing lots of product information, samples of their screen shots and print outs. The total word count in those 120 white papers was 168,423.  The word “value” was used 68 times or approximately 0.00040374533% of all 168,000 words.

It seems the word “value” lacks the specificity needed to be used in the same context as words like Knowledge, Information, Strategy, Process, ROI, Outcome. It would be in everyones’ best interest if Value played a bigger role within the Data Management community.

This white paper has 914 words and “value is used 20 times. That said, you can guess what the focus of this white paper will be.

I have watched 33 DM product demonstrations.  I interviewed 158 employees of large to small enterprises.

All consider themselves to be part of the DM, IM, AI Staff and/or Management Community.  The following are my take-aways.

  1. The majority of KM Manufactures rely on Alternate Channels(AC) organizations for a large portion of their sales.
  2. AC’s focus on the small & mid market prospects or work- groups within a larger enterprise.
  3. A large portion of Alternate Channel’s make use of the standard sales formula of “Calls+Demos+FREE Puppy Dog trial, price and availability = sales.”
  4. Their Product Demonstration attempts to show every feature and function of their product in hopes of hitting a prospect’s Hot Button. This “Shotgun” approach encourages competitive demonstrations.
  5. The following link illustrates a Shotgun, Stimulus Response Product Demo –


The typical close, from this type of presentation, is the offer of a product trial period (puppy-dog close aka a free trial). During, or after the trial, the vendor will ask you to “press hard, 5 copies”.  Are there any similarities between this “Veg-O-Matic” demo and your product’s sales presentations? (that is not a rhetorical question, even though you may prefer that is meant to be rhetorical.)

The Value of Knowledge is found in its use, not its availability. There is emerging evidence that indicates a growing concern re: how to demonstrate the Value DM contributes to the client’s enterprise, as evidenced in these two statements:

The Forrester WaveTM: Data Governance Stewardship And Discovery Providers, Q2 2017 projected:  “We expect to see many solution enhancements in the next two years. Vendors will NEED to demonstrate the VALUE to their GDPR practice, methodology and solutions and offer these out of the box rather than as a custom solution.”  That is exactly what I have been doing since1982.  

Contrast AGI’s Chief Data Officer, Leandro DalleMule’s comment re: data strategy:  “I controversially advocate there is no such thing as a data strategy; there exits only a business strategy that which should be followed and enabled by a data programIf you are a solely a technical person from a data management perspective, it will be nearly impossible to understand the business strategy and connect that business strategy to your data program.

Success Follows Value!”

We offer a proven process that connects your Data Management initiative to the Value objectives of your Business Strategy.  Our process offers a proven process that connects your Data Management initiative to the Value objectives of your Business Strategy.   Would any prospect make a purchase decision based on speeds, feeds, price and availability as opposed to Value?

If your planning to compete for Data Management business’, start by understand what your prospect values.  Here is our proven formula for the development, measurement and management of the Value in any DM project.


Cultivate your Data and Harvest your Values.

Buckload is our AS-IS Value Benchmarking tool.  Our Value Incubator uses the information provided by Buckload to identify and harvest the Values hidden in their existing data.  The Value Incubator cultivates your Data so that you are able to harvest the Value.  As a sales tool with the ability to Identify, cultivate, grow new value, is always viewed as significant  competitive advantage. 

Buckload Gives you a chance to get ahead of the Forrester Wave.. The attached article “Breaking the Productivity Barrier” highlights our first use of Buckload and the Value Incubator. We have learned much since our first project.

In the past 50 years of my business career I seem to acquire the ability to sense a “wind change”.  Now there is a change in the winds’ of Data Management.  That change is, less interest in speeds and feeds, replaced by the need to provide demonstrable evidence of new and added value to the enterprise. 

If you would like to initiate a conversation about our Value Creation Process, here is my direct phone number, email, web site – and I look forward to talking with you.  You phone call to will give both of us a opportunity to lean something different and maybe Valuable.  Thanks for your interest and consideration.

All the best,

Buck Rogers

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November 21, 2017

Selling or Telling