My three-step program begins with you and ends with VALUE. I offer free consultations so you can completely understand how it works and if it will work for you.

Why Is My Program So Important?

In the last 18 months, I’ve read over a 120 Data Management (DM,) White Papers providing lots of product information, samples of their screenshots and printouts. The total word count in those 120 white papers was 168,423. Out of the 168,423 words, we see the word value 68 times or approximately 0.00040374533%. With this said I refer to what General Patton once said,"Hit where they ain't."

It seems the word “value” lacks the importance needed when referring to factors like knowledge, information, strategy, process, ROI, outcome or other measurable units like speeds, feeds, price and availability. In fact, other programs, organizations, and vendors that cannot quantify the value-add impact of their product should not compete.

Contrast AGI’s Chief Data Officer, Leandro DalleMule’s comments re data strategy: “I controversially advocate there is no such thing as a data strategy; there exits only a business strategy that which should be followed and enabled by a data program. If you are a solely a technical person from a data management perspective, it will be nearly impossible to understand the business strategy and connect that business strategy to your data program.” We must get to the ultimate decision maker, and that person is not looking for speeds, feeds, price and availability.

What Makes Me Different?

“Organizations launching data and analytics initiatives still lack a clear understanding of the difficulties in using data to drive better business results and in managing data as a strategic asset: such as:

  • Data monetization is difficult; in-fighting among data and analytics teams, IT teams and stakeholders is common; and having the right professional knowledge in place.
  • Power struggles and jealousies in executive ranks do not allow for proper collaboration among staff in the business, IT and the office of the chief data officer (CDO).
  • Data and analytics leaders may not have the skills and know-how to neutralize opposition or build a support base.
  • KEY POINTS - Success follows Value, and the formula for creating value is Value2=(Knowledge+Practice+Time)

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July 15, 2015