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April 27, 2017
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April 27, 2017
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As-is Discoveries

My organization provides “As-Is” Discovery Services and Assessments.  This process results in recommendations for changes to People, Process and Technology that bring additional value to your organization and your customers business.

Our focus is on the discovering the KM support requirements of our clients’ user communities.  We then focus on developing processes that add value to our client’s products and services.

We also calculate the current cost of the existing support systems to establish an AS-IS Benchmark.  This AS-IS Benchmark  so that we can demonstrate the value of the new processes.  This ROI provides both a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the current and future support systems.  We use our proprietary system called Buckload for this assessment.

Buckload is a formal process that renovates current business visions, models, and investments so that the new Digital Transformation can be fully exploited. Buckload fulfills this renovation by translating the Client’s Enterprise Goals into the measurable tasks that will be required to accomplish the Enterprise’s Digital Transformation.

These measureable tasks define the Common Denominators that are needed to build the employee support for new KM initiatives. What we have found is that for years we have talked about the need to identify Common Ground for the organization.

Bottom line – Common Ground is tough to find because within any enterprise there are too many different views.

Buckload is a unique approach to matching specific knowledge requirements to the needs for the individuals that are in need of specific knowledge.  Buckload allows us to deliver measurable value to our client while being product agnostic and strong process innovation skills. These skills add measureable value to our client’s enterprise. Common Denominators can always be found in the specific tasks that rely on the coordinated efforts of 2 or more people.



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