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What You Need To Know

Through extensive research in my field I have gathered a lot of knowledge with what it takes to create value. The one thing many corporations and businesses tend to really focus on is the speeds, feeds and pricing when it comes to processes and products.

My secret sauce for creating added value is called RRI. RRI is Stratification Methodology that uses proven “Common Denominators” to track and calibrate the volume and value of specific tasks and their contribution to accomplishing specific Goals. What I look at are things that are hard to count and harder to assess value. Filling out the form above is the first step for gathering the information needed to manage the thru-put productivity of any task.

Just to be clear – I provide both quantitative and qualitative measurements of a knowledge workers’ productivity. This is not a solution looking for a problem. I developed a process named  Buckload that gathers the raw information needed to identify problems and then provide specific solutions in the form of:

  1. High value content delivery: Making use of a client’s existing data and information to promote a rich experience for the user community.
  2. Strategic integration of Knowledge Management across and beyond the enterprise: Developing a multi-collaboration ecosystem to seamlessly integrate organizational disciplines (KM, process management, quality, organizational development, and learning).
  3. Cognitive computing: Using the client’s existing files to extract individual application targets in need of establishing their common denominators.

These tasks are the basic building block for developing a team efforts and new value chains and your, ultimately a unique and habit forming, competitive edge.

Big Data Analytics Solutions
Putting Big Data Analysis Into Action Creating Value

Now Lets Create Value

It’s Not The Data. It’s The Value We Create From It

It’s not about the data I collect from your business but more about how I can use this data to create value. Data is what we call the wood for the fire with the fire representing value. The more wood you add doesn’t necessarily mean the fire will get bigger and better, but more about how you use the wood and where you place it. This is exactly what I learn for your business. I use the data collected from your business, analyze it with  “Buckload” and create solutions from the analysis.

Working closely with the data I collect from employees, supervisors and higher up the ladder we will analyze it and produce a solution that will help you grow your business and better its’ processes. This will help with time management and create room for innovation, which is the best way you can grow your business. Remedial processes sometimes are given to employees that can help grow your business if they were doing innovative tasks instead of mediocre tasks that can be better automated. These are just a few examples of what we can help you with. Please fill out the above form to request a free consultation (if you qualify) or call  (303) 221-0252.

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